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Cargo transportation from Poland

The ever-increasing turnover between Russia and Poland is the subject of a long and constructive dialogue. If in the early stages of formation of a new Russian cargo from Poland were often spontaneous and not always safe manner, as of today, all difficulties have passed completely. Nowadays the transport market between the two countries is quite civilized one. The only problem that may arise today is the customer to find a reliable carrier who copes to meet the deadlines as well as to meet its obligations.

The company Solo Logistics LLC is not even trying to compete in a market with huge and world wide known companies for whom transportation Poland - Russia - just one of the directions in a row. Obviously we are not so large as to be called the leaders of the market, yet it is the "Solo Logistics' customers come and become our business partners for a long time. It seems to us such positive trend is due to the fact that we consider our customers as real people. Trucking to Poland and back - is, in fact, an opportunity to prove our non-indifference to the needs of customers. Quality transportation of goods from Poland today, is as follows many promises, but "Solo Logistics" makes the process of co-operation as comfortable and easy!

Trade turnover Poland - Russia - a subject of special interest Solo Logistic LLC

Quite naturally, without naming the specific facts all our promises seem to be just fine phrases. Fortunately, trucking from Poland to Russia and back are the area where we really have something to surprise our customers. We arrange delivery from all over the Europe Below, we have tried to list the benefits that you are guaranteed to get at work with "Solo Logistics":

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Естественно, выбор всегда остается за клиентом. Мы постарались максимально честно рассказать о том, почему с нами надежно и безопасно. Решать вам, но если вы все же обратитесь в «Соло Логистик» — это будет правильное и разумное решение! С нами перевозки ваших грузов пройдут как по нотам.